Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anti-Walmart Protest: Photos from July 25 march to Plaza Schafick Handal

The Walmart is being constructed in front of the Plaza Schafick Handal.  Schafick Handal was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of El Salvador, revolutionary combatant and socialist intellectual.  He was a leader of the FMLN during the civil war, and during and after the peace accord signed in 1992.  An inscription on Handal’s monument reads, “SI HEMOS DE MIRAR AL pasado, que sea sola para extraer de Él firmeza reafirmación de nuestro carácter REVOLUCIONARIO. (If we must look to the past, may it be to take from him a strong reaffirmation of our REVOLUTIONARY character).” And of course, “SCHAFICK VIVE”.     
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