Friday, November 2, 2012

Photos from the Protest and Violence

These photographs were given to us by a young man from Totonicapán. Please contact us for more information regarding the photographer.

Demonstrators gathered at five different points along the highway. This photograph was taken at the entrance to Santa Caterina Ixtahuacan where soldiers opened fire on the crowd.

Immediately following the attack, Otto Perez and his Defense Minister, Ulises Anzueto, claimed that the soldiers were not armed.

Violence in Totonicapán

The photographer edited this photograph. (Right corner) You can see soldiers firing at unarmed demonstrators. (Lower left corner) The text reads: The rights to public assembly and demonstration cannot be restricted, diminished, or inhibited. -Article 33 of the Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala: The right to assembly and demonstration.

In March, Defense Minister Ulises Anzueto stated that the 35-year-old US arms embargo against Guatemala was “thinking anchored in the past.” He claimed that the army has become professional since the civil war (1960-1996), and the US should allow weapons sales to flow to Guatemala once again. 

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